Umbrellas Out, Lest your Teacup Overflows!

Umbrellas Out, Lest Your Teacup Overflows!

Amidst the heat both political and literal there is a storm brewing. Yesterday’s rain brought blessed relief to a country parched by sun. Sadly there is no such answer to the dearth of action taken by our leaders short of revolution. And I tire of such thoughts. Aged and weary. Resigned to a fate decided by others more swaddled from the fallout of that vote than I. The surge of energy that in youth would have seen me leaping from armchair and onto the streets is now an occasional twitch in a leg not able to stand for this kind of thing or indeed anything, for very long anyway.

Besides. Can we muster more than one such uprising every few hundred years? That local rabble-rouser Cromwell only just left. You missed him. He went that way points left and right but mostly right…

Umbrellas out then.

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