Life is Beautiful But it Doesn’t Have to Be Like That

"Life is Beautiful But we Still Need Cameras" 2019 Rutland Barn
Life is Beautiful But it Doesn’t Have to Be Like That (Rutland Barn, 2019)

When I started this blog, which is the latest in a long line of abandoned attempts at writing regularly, one of the subjects that I wanted desperately to communicate about was self-help. To be specific, I wanted to share a little of what makes me me and to try to find a few other souls who work along the same lines.

This is a gentle route into that hornet’s nest but be warned: I am going to talk about feelings later on. Ouch. Where did you go?

The area around Stamford in Lincolnshire has some really very nice countryside. It’s a short drive away and always a pleasure to visit. If you like windy, dippy roads just perfect for a Roadster type car then you will love driving around here. No need to go crazy. If you avoid peak times the road is all yours. Enjoy it.

This was spotted somewhere around Witham possibly. Nici has a medical condition that requires her to stop and speak to every one horse in two she passes when we’re out driving. This can make long journeys even longer though it has the side effect of turning a trip to Sainsburys in to a half day outing.

I believe in the beauty of the broken. Not this tidied up, factory made “shabby chic” that has been fashionable this century. But the real lived-in, used, appreciated things in life. When we moved “aat East” (that’s my interpretation of “oop North” rotated through 90 degrees) we saw a changing environment. New houses were going up, often squeezed into people’s back gardens, front gardens, front rooms, “Hell if you can fit a door there we’ll build a house there” seemed to be the rallying cry for property developers.

But in the midst of all this, a bloke from London was amazed at this hitherto-unseen rural idyll. “They’ve got real barns here not plastic sheds for lawnmowers!” I was heard to exclaim. Along with, “Are those horses on the road going to trample our car?” and “Yes 30 foot is enough space to park one car.”

I think that subject deserves more depth so suffice it to say for now that the country is different from the city. But the gap is narrowing as one seeks to emulate the other. Like a D-list celebrity wanting to maim their lips in order to look like an even more hideous C-list celebrity. “Don’t do it love. You look fine as you are.”

“But I want to be famous and famous people are either really beautiful or really ugly.”

True though.

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