Sunbathing? In this Heat? Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly (aglais urticae)

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly (Aglais urticae) "Sunbathing? In This Heat?"
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly¬†(Aglais urticae) “Sunbathing? In This Heat?!”

Continuing the theme of the amazing and sometimes beautiful life that is fecund here in the Fens of England at this time of year. The small tortoiseshell butterfly Aglais urticae is a common sight and a species I had mistakenly recalled as being Red Admiral. Until I checked (now I know).

It is so hot today and I may put out a makeshift birdbath and see if the local birds (no, not those kind) are tempted to take a dip. Photos should arise I imagine.

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